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Welcome to the new Guitar Lounge...

We are pleased to announce that we are rolling up on two years of existence! We really want to thank you all for your continued support and friendship. You all ROCK!! You ever heard the old saying, "Things are happening so fast I can't keep up"?! This is the case around here these days! We have finally added the new display cases and additional slatwall and the new products are showing up almost daily. LOTS of new, used and vintage guitars have made their way into the shop. We have some great prices and sales going on all the time. Be sure to check the website, & keep up with what's new. We have some new guitars from Fowlcon Guitar Company including custom shop acoustics and electrics. LOTS of new and used effects pedals in stock as well. Our first order of Seymour Duncan pickups also arrived as well as more of our own line of custom wounds. We now have complete guitar kits available for those of you who want to build your own electric guitar! New, used and vintage amps, including custom cabinets also on hand. Lee Martin is also back in town and offering guitar lessons for beginners to pros. We have something for everyone in here now. Although we are a custom shop, we still offer inexpensive guitars for beginners or those seeking great guitars on a budget. we have a few starter packs that include a great guitar, a practice amp, cable, Snark tuner, pack of picks and a gig bag. All of our guitars are properly setup and play quite well so learning on them is much easier. One of the biggest changes here is that we now offer financing through Sychrony Financial who is offering some great introductory deals right now including interest free for up to 12 months, depending on your credit. Everything in the shop is also available on our website store as well. We ship products almost anywhere so don't be shy, order something! Repairs..absolutely! Expert repair service, setups, neck adjustments, mods, restorations, refinishes done right here. We also take in violins, cellos, mandolins, ukuleles and just about any other stringed instruments for repairs. We also fix amps if they are worth repairing. We keep a rather large inventory of parts on hand so we can generally get you fixed up pretty fast. Stop by or visit our website and take in all the latest and greatest from The Guitar Lounge. We are..the home of tone! Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google! Hope to see you soon..GB

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