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Welcome to The Guitar Lounge!!

This is the first of what I hope are many blogs to come so i would like to introduce everyone to us and give you an idea of what we do around here. We opened the shop over a year ago so we could have a home to offer our custom guitars from on a private basis but things just kind of created their own path since then. We are still all about custom but now offer custom pickups, speaker cabinets, acoustic and electric guitars and now even custom hardware. On the retail side we offer strings by Curt Mangan, handmade cables and pedals by Stevens, Dunlop products, Sperzel Tuners, Lollar, Lace and Seymour Duncan pickups, Stetsbar and Floyd Rose tremelo systems, Schaller hardware and just about anything else you can think of guitar related! We also offer expert repair services and simple setups. Want that unique custom wiring option..we can handle that for you too.

Recently, Lee Martin joined us as our new guitar tech and instructor. He brings a great new dynamic into the shop offering guitar lessons for ALL levels of players from beginners to touring pros. He is a very welcome addition here!

Now I don't want to get too long with this but have a whole lot more to tell you..but that's another story. Come by and see us if you're down this way and say hello. If not, tune in next week for something new. We'll be posting pictures, videos, show dates and much more.

Remember to support your local musicians and LIVE music venues. We are..the home of tone!!

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