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Tis the time of the season..

Summer is upon us here in Galveston which means not only the heat and humidity, it's time for the flood of tourists to start hitting the LIVE music venues around the island. Bands on the sand has kicked off at Moody Gardens, new clubs and bars are popping up and Bubba Donavan is putting on the sidewalk concerts at Maceo's Spice Company again. The concerts in the park are happening and the art walk will be coming along soon. We musicians are beginning to gain some traction here and the music scene is really beginning to take shape again on the island. Festival season will be starting again so even more opportunities will prevent themselves. The open mic sessions are getting bigger and better every week at Sharky's, The Old Quarter and the Poop Deck. Seems like new players are showing up every week. There is some amazing talent in Galveston! We have new customers coming in daily and it amazes me as to how well some of these folks can play guitars! Also getting many inquiries for guitar lessons so many new guitarists seem to be coming into their own. It's very refreshing to see these young faces as they absorb information and progress with their skill levels. What a great way to spend a summer! We are putting our own band together here and will be out there performing as much as possible ourselves. We will be making videos of all sorts of things soon as, gear talk, guitar builds, playing tips and whatever else comes along. so ya'll stay in touch. Could get interesting around here!! Remember to support your local musicians and little guitar/music shops. The Guitar Lounge is..the home of tone!!

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