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Summer's here and the time is right for dancing in the streets...

You can feel the heat coming down around here and you know summer is upon us. That means a heavy influx of tourists around here. That means more opportunity to entertain more people with some great LIVE music. Music, after all, is the universal language that all humans speak. There's a thought..make music instead of war! Hand out instruments instead of weapons and let's jam instead of fighting! We can have battles of the bands instead of outright battles. If you can't play or! Too much to ask for these days I suppose. Perhaps we will figure it out one day.


When you want to step out for a night on the town, take in a LIVE music event. During the summer and fall, more venues are offering LIVE music than ever before. Fall brings in the festivals season so maybe check one out this year. It takes a whole lot of work to be a musician. Tons of practice and rehearsals, buying and providing gear, setting up and breaking down for every show, loading and unloading equipment, etc. Musicians have to arrive early and leave after everyone else is long gone. We pour our hearts out every time we perform so we can entertain everyone who gives us a listen. Keep that in mind next time you're somewhere music is happening. Take care of those who take care of you!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch,

We seem to be picking up traction around here and wish to thank you all again for your support. Please tell your friends and everyone else about us..keep the momentum going! We stocked up on parts so we can service everyone faster and better. We will continue to make improvements around here based on what comes in the door. We are getting guitars sent from other places for repairs and mods so we must be doing something right. We just finished one from Las Vegas and another all the way from Alaska. We're even fixing cellos, violins, ukuleles and mandolins here so bring them on! Remember to keep it local if you can but definitely keep it real! Remember, we are..the home of tone!

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