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Growing is the key...

We have been threatening to get it done and we finally did it! If you have been by lately, you have seen the progression of growth going on around here. More is going on in the back you can't see yet but you will soon enough! We have more stuff now than we have room for. We have new items arriving almost daily including pedals, more variety of strings, more accessories and soon..ukuleles. We have so many requests for them, we decided to stock them. We are also about to add ukulele lessons along with the guitar and bass lessons we already have going on.

Back room expansion..we are adding another 800 sf to include a room for PA gear and large amps, more storage space, office space and more available retail space. We will also have private areas for lessons. Recording studio space will be next. We will be setup for both audio and video recording.

We're ALL about the music here! We are gigging musicians so we put our fellow artists and players first. We are hosting an open mic session at Sharky's in Galveston starting tonight. So Tuesdays starting at 8:00 and Sundays from 4:00-8:00 so ya'll come join us or listen in. Enjoy the friendship, cold drinks, great food and the music!

Remember..we also offer financing, interest free for up to 12 months through Synchrony Financial so grab that gear now and pay for it later! Credit apps are available in the shop or online. We now accept ALL major credit or debit cards including most recently, American Express. Ya'll come see us and the new things happening here. We are..the home of tone!

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