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Change is a good thing. Amazing changes just keep occurring around here..can hardly keep up with it these days! What's new you ask? We are adding new products, building a couple of new custom guitars, adding more sales counters and slatwall for display. Soon we will be offering harmonicas, more string varieties, more accessories and pedals. Also offering a new line of real leather guitar straps for around $30.00 and a new line of American made pedals for under $100.00. We want to make it affordable for everyone to own quality gear! We received our first order of Sperzel Tuners which we now use as standard on our builds and mods. Sperzel are the only tuners made in the USA and we are proud to use them! We signed up with Seymour Duncan pickups and not only offer them as an option in our custom builds but offer them retail as well. Dimarzio Pickups too, so we pretty much got you covered! We just received a mass quantity of parts from Allparts and carry custom hardware as well. In fact, if you like to build your own guitars, we have everything in stock right here to build a complete guitar including bodies and necks. We can also teach you how to build one yourself.


We are now able to offer financing on our products! Soon we will be posting a link to enable anyone to complete an online credit application and get that gear you want NOW! Great interest rates and easy, almost instant approval. This option will apply to most of what we sell so be sure to be on the lookout for it!


Sorry about not having our weekly jam sessions lately but we are busy playing elsewhere these days, including Wednesdays. We are thinking about moving to Friday nights. We will certainly keep you posted. In the meantime, I wish everyone good jams and great mojo. Remember,

we are..the home of tone!

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